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Our Story

When Marcelo started Grape Land Vineyard Management, he had a dream fueled by humble beginnings in the wine industry to provide the highest standard of vineyard management and grafting services to local wine businesses, ranchers, and vineyard owners.

Respect for the craft, integrity, and family honor are the values that Marcelo and his team instill in their day-to-day operations. Grape Land Vineyard Management boasts a team of experienced vineyard managers, seasoned grapevine grafters, and efficient administrative staff who aim to treat clients with high-quality services.

Fostering client relationships and developing a strategy to help businesses achieve a fruitful and successful vineyard is the name of the game. No matter the challenge, Grape Land Vineyard Management is your family of professional vineyard developers, managers, and grafters in Sonoma and Napa counties.

Our Services

No matter the challenge, whether it’s starting a new vineyard or turning around a pre-existing field into a productive hub, Grape Land Vineyard Management is the one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Farming and winery management is constantly changing and evolving so our team of experts are always improving to make sure that the critical aspects of your vineyard project are handled with the best knowledge. Learn more about our services:

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Our Experts

Marcelo Robledo

Lead Vineyard Manager

In 1993, Marcelo Robledo was introduced to the wine industry through the family business. Growing up, Robledo gained expertise in complex grapevine grafting techniques and now provides over 25 years of vineyard management knowledge and experience to wine businesses in the north coast who wish to produce fruitful and profitable vineyards. 

Robledo continued to gain experience in the wine industry working alongside Glenn Alexander at Bacchus Vineyards.  Glenn served as role model and teacher, and for the following years, helped solidify Robledo’s experience and expert grafting knowledge. 

Robledo’s dream to provide his grafting experience in wine businesses in Sonoma and Napa counties came true when he found Grape Land Vineyard Management. His team of experts has worked for several reputable wineries all around Sonoma and the surrounding counties. 

Glenn Alexander

Vineyard Management Consultant

A longtime collector and consumer of great wines from great vineyards and being raised in a farming family in Texas were the foundations for his founding a vineyard management company for nearly twenty years. That company, Bacchus Vineyard Management, farmed some of Sonoma and Napa County’s greatest vineyards and he worked with many of California’s most successful winemakers.

From farming Lynmar Estates to the vineyards of Paul Hobbs, Kick Ranch, and others, Glenn has grown grapes for numerous wineries and winemakers. He has extensive experience in organic, sustainable and biodynamic farming, and has worked in all varietals commonly grown in the North Coast. He graduated with a certificate in viticulture from Sonoma County College, completed the winemaker extension course at UC Davis, and holds a BBA and MBA from Dallas Baptist University.

He has continued his education with seminar work at the University of Bordeaux and is the winemaker and farmer for his family’s hand-crafted wines, Sanglier Cellars. Glenn, retired from the day to day farming operations at Bacchus, now brings his experience to Grape Land Vineyard Management as a mentor and consultant to Marcelo, Daisy and their clients.

Daisy Hernandez

Office Manager

Daisy Hernandez started her relationship with the wine industry at an early age while working alongside her father in his vineyard management business called La Uva Vineyard Management.

Being exposed to the various aspects of vineyard management, Hernandez’s passion for all things wine and viticulture flourished. This led her to study wine-making and viticulture in college where she received her Associates degree.

Her passion for the wine industry was met with Marcelo Robledo’s dream to provide the highest quality vineyard management services to Sonoma County vineyards and vineyards in the surrounding regions. They now work with each other here at Grape Land Vineyard Management.

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